Do you ever feel so bogged down in the details of making a living that you forget why you are doing it in the first place?

Are you successful in everyone’s eyes but your own?

Do you dream of designing a business or project that really matters?

I remember when I got this big promotion that was supposed to be about contributing at a higher level, and came with all this prestige, but once in there, I felt stultified. Even though they kept telling me they needed me and that I was the only one who could do the job, my experience of it was flat. I didn’t feel that I was using my real talents or making a difference in the world.  It made me realize how far off my true path I’d gone.

Though my career in a way was great, I just wasn’t having the impact that I wanted. Does this story sound familiar to you?

I know a lot of women who have spent their whole lives doing things like pursuing careers based on security rather than passion, or focusing so much on the needs of their families that they never get to what their own legacy is. This upsets me because I believe we’re here for a reason that’s bigger than ourselves and is beyond doing things to please others.

There’s a possibility of becoming a modern day superhero and truly impacting the world, if only you knew your unique powers.

What do Superman, Mother Theresa, and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? They all have a mission to serve humanity, and they all use their unique talents and abilities to accomplish the extraordinary.

I have developed a system called The Superhero Archetypes that helps you discover and empower your Inner SuperHero, and get started on the journey to design a business and life that truly matters.

Step 1.

To get started, take our SuperHero Archetype Quiz. This quiz will help you discover your unique SuperHero Archetypes, and the special SuperPowers that go with them, along with tips for how to integrate your SuperPowers into a business with impact.


Step 2.

Set up your complimentary Super Power Discovery Session to learn how to harness your unique gifts to design a business that marries purpose with profit, grows your tribe, and maximizes your impact on the world.