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Laurie Morin

Are you ready to write your own life stories to uplift, empower, and inspire others? Let me show you how to get started with ease and confidence.

When I wrote Shero’s Journey, I learned a classic framework to write powerful stories that resonate with people by using universal themes. 

I founded Writing for Empowerment to guide you through a process to write your life stories as an inspiring shero’s journey. Why bother? I believe that your story is a unique gift that has the power to change lives. 

Do you have a story idea you would like to discuss? I would be happy to join you for a free 20-minute story consultation.


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My Books

Shero's Journey cover

By Laurie Morin

Shero’s Journey

A Guided Journey to Empowerment

I wrote this teaching memoir to share my experience growing up in the 1950’s, when women were expected to stay at home, raise a family, and put everyone’s needs before their own. Although I defied those expectations and had a successful career as a law professor, I never lost the need to seek love by pleasing others. That is, until the day I realized that years of people-pleasing came at the expense of my authenticity and fulfillment. 

Shero’s Journey will lead you on a path to take control of your own life and demand more from the world. Its writing prompts will allow you to look beyond the old stories you have been carrying around and home in on your own powerful vision.  

Collaborative Works

Chapter 11: Your Origin Story

How to Bring Your Whole Authentic Self to Your Business

Available on Amazon

Chapter 7: Reclaiming Elder Wisdom

Renewing Abandoned Hopes and Dreams

Available on Amazon

October 10 – My Anniversary

December 18 – My Birthday

Available on Amazon

Chapter 6: Joy is Like the Rain

Out of print

Forthcoming Books

Chasing the Seventies

This book started out as a memoir about my experiences as a young woman in the 1970s struggling to find my identity amidst the political and cultural turmoil of the Vietnam War and second-wave feminism. Those were adventurous years, as I abandoned my small hometown in search of a more worldly perspective.

It was the decade of Woodstock and peace, love, and rock n’ roll, so I had my share of fun along the way! I dropped in and out of college and hitchiked across the country twice, meeting all kinds of strange characters along the way. I joined VISTA and lived in a commune with conscientious objectors, attended women’s consciousness-raising groups, and lived in an ashram to study yoga and meditation. Exciting as all my adventures were, the book kept nudging me to create fictional characters who could tell the story from a broader vantage point.

So, what started as a memoir is now a dual-timeline historical novel about two young women. Celia lived through the seventies and bemoans the fact that our country seems to be turning the clock back on women’s rights. Kate grew up in the nineties and has to resolve her ambivalence at the high expectations feminism has placed on the millennial generation. Their lives intersect after the 2016 election, when Kate goes in search of an article Celia wrote about Shirley Chisholm’s unsuccessful presidential bid. The problem is, Celia seems to have disappeared from sight after teaching for a few years in the first Women’s Studies program at the University of San Diego.

 You can follow along as their stories develop by joining my Chasing the Seventies Substack.


Laurie Morin gives the reader a metaphorical Wonder Woman cape so she can fly to connect with her highest self. The powerful stories and reflection steps she shares in the Shero’s Journey gracefully inspire us to become the Shero of our own life. If you want that, you’ll want to read her book.

Susan Tate, M.A., author of Wellness Wisdom:

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