I’m Laurie Morin

Author & Retreat Leader

Guiding Adventurous Lives & Legacies

Shero's Journey Book

Shero's Journey cover

“Laurie Morin gives the reader a metaphorical Wonder Woman cape so she can fly to connect with her highest self.” ~ Susan Tate

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Retreats & Workshops

​Laurie Morin is an author and retreat leader best known for Shero’s Journey, a story-guided framework to help you confidently plan your next adventure. 

Through her book, retreats, coaching, and community, Laurie will help you find the space, time, and resources to prioritize yourself, process the past, and clearly define what you most desire next. We invite you to join us at one of our events.

Confidently plan your next adventure in life…

Putting yourself first sounds good, but how can you? There’s too much stress and not enough time. It’s exhausting being over-giving, people-pleasing, and burned out. In the middle of everything – how do you ever figure out what you want most for yourself?

I’m author, Laurie Morin, and as a former law professor turned entrepreneur, I know firsthand how overwhelming this season in life can be. I understand that it takes the right space, time, and resources to prioritize yourself and your dreams, and that’s why I’ve created something I call, “Shero’s Journey.”

“Shero’s Journey” is the story-guided, self-discovery framework that I share in my book, intimate retreats, group coaching, and welcoming, inclusive community. 

Becoming a Shero is all about embracing the best of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. It’s a rewarding adventure that’s possible for people of all genders and identities, And no matter how you choose to experience it, “Shero’s Journey” can give you everything you need to put yourself first, release old stories and patterns, tap into your own “super powers” and define a clear vision for the future.

If you’re stressed, wishing you could feel more joy and empowerment about what’s ahead – it’s time to go on your own ‘Shero’s Journey.”

Whether you dive into the book, attend a powerful retreat, or find clarity through coaching or training, I hope you’ll join us as we carve out much-needed space, write brave new chapters, and plan adventurous lives and legacies together.