Writing Resource Library

Helping you share your words of wisdom and experience is my passion. You have many stories to tell, and I would love to be your guide to discover the story that is waiting to emerge right now, the story that can empower you and help others change their lives.

Together we will silence the inner critic holding you back, and tap into your intuition for guidance from your Higher Self. We will find a powerful framework that will allow you to share your story with clarity and impact. We will use creative tools to help you go deeper and write with more vibrancy, so readers can’t wait to turn to the next page.

If you have heard me talk about the S/hero’s Journey, you know that this classic storytelling framework has created stunning works of art from the Harry Potter series to Wonder Woman and generations of superheroes.  When you think of your life as a S/hero’s Journey, you step into the power of becoming the lead character in your story. It is my great joy to help you discover your inner S/hero.

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