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Hands-On Training with Laurie Morin

Flip the Script: A Story-Guided Framework to Break Through the Barriers to Success

3 Modules | 10 Lessons | Complete on Your Own Schedule | Open 1/15/2022

This course will teach you how to banish the old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with a more empowering story. You will be guided through a unique process to:

  • Uncover the old stories that are ruling your subconscious so you can see how they are holding you back
  • Create a powerful new story that will reprogram the voices in your head that rule 95% of your actions
  • Take inspired action to prove the validity of your new story and permanently replace your limiting beliefs 
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Spring Break Retreat for Busy Professional Women

Rhapsody in Blue

Relax, Renew & Reinvent A More Balanced, Sustainable Life

Oak Island, NC | April 28 – May 1, 2022

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and in desperate need of some R&R? Join a small group of like-minded women for a long week-end of relaxation, conversation, and recalibrating your life for a more sustainable work-life balance.

Our venue is an expansive 3800 square foot OCEANFRONT home with ELEVATOR on two lots in the desirable West Beach area of Oak Island with gorgeous views of the Atlantic ocean and intercoastal waterway. The house has 7 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 2 large common areas and a sunroom. The spacious kitchen and dining area have plenty of seating for 12 people. 

Relax on the expansive deck. Stroll down a private boardwalk and gazebo to the nearly private beach. 

We will have ample time for relaxation, nature, and self-care  while enjoying some structured conversation about work-life balance and how to create a more joyful life.

Give yourself the gift of radical self-care this Spring! 

Single Occupancy

(1 King)

(3 spaces available)


/ person

/ couple

Double Occupancy

(2 Queens)

(4 spaces available)


/ person

Double Occupancy

(2 Lower Bunks)

(2 spaces available)



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Past Events

Vermont Retreat October 2021

What happens when you gather 14 amazing women together to share their stories in the beautiful Green Mountains? MAGIC!

We had a bonfire ceremony to release limiting beliefs, dressed up as our childhood Sheroes, danced and talked and relaxed in nature.

We topped it all off with a Vision Walk to listen for a sign from the Universe about what we want to create in our lives. Retreats are not just about relaxation. They are about self-discovery, connection, and community. They are an opportunity to escape from the demands of every day life and listen to the quiet voice of our hearts.

.I attended the retreat because I needed respite from a very tough year being isolated in Covidlandia. I really needed to connect and get support from kindred spirits as my life was going through a complete transformation.

I enjoyed the costume dance where we dressed up as Sheroes. I came as a butterfly because I am going through a total transformation and have had to be the Shero of my own life this year

From the moment we walked into the welcome reception, Laurie and Denise created a safe and supportive space for women to share their stories, reflect and go deep, and be vulnerable.  It was a very cathartic experience talking to other women who have had similar experiences, feeling safe enough to share your story and not be judged.

I would recommend this retreat to women of any age who have experienced life’s ups and downs and want the time and space to reflect on their lives and create a new vision for the future.

Renee Curry

Teacher & Retreat Leader

I attended the retreat to find myself, take control of my life, and feel more fulfilled. I enjoyed the bonfire ceremony to release old stories that are no longer serving me, and I had a breakthrough on the Vision Walk. It all came together when we shared the symbols we found and what they meant to us. Being in a group setting, I had to face my life and problems and seek my own path forward. I would recommend this retreat to most anyone feeling lost, trapped, or unloved – and this describes most of us!

Tracy Maguire